Wonder Woman Faux Leather Cuff & Gauntlets Cosplay Set

Take them down in Wonderful styleWhen it comes to accessorizing an outfit, Wonder Woman's wardrobing game is strong. Over the many years, she's been in the superhero game, her costume has often changed.

She's worn sassy, thigh-length culottes. She's worn long leggings and high boots.

She usually wears a strapless top which we think would be difficult to fight in but we've never trained with the Amazons so what do we know? While her outfits, her fighting style, and even her hairstyles have changed through the decades, there are certain aspects of her outfit that she's just not complete without.

If you want to channel her right, no matter what style of Wonder Woman garb you're wearing, you'll need her tiara and gauntlets.Product DetailsThis accessory kit has everything you need to bring your costume to life.

You'll feel like you're fresh off Themyscurawith silver and gold metallic gauntlets with mystic marks etched into the service. You'll also have a gold metallic tiara as well as the golden belt.

 always a ReasonSo, maybe you're dressing up to make sure you look tough and powerful on Halloween. Maybe you're getting ready for a superhero themed party.

Or hey, maybe you're simply looking for a little more power while writing a grant in the privacy of your own home. Whatever it is, this set will power up any look!


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