Women's Wicked Wicked Witch Costume

Bubble, Bubble, Sequins make TroubleNo need to ask if you're a good witch or a bad witch. You're not pretending to be a good two shoes when you're wearing this outfit!

You might have plenty of charms but people should know that they'll spend time running on a spinning wheel as your pet rat if they cross you. The thing is, it's about time the world gave witches like you a little more respect.

Over are the days of witches hiding in swamps and handing out love spells only to be thrown under the proverbial bus by the villagers when someone's cattle get sick. Hop on that broom and land in the middle of the farmers market to buy your herbs in style.

Why should you hide? In a world of digital entertainment and disconnection, we could all use a little more magic.

 Product DetailsNotice how there are two "wickeds" in this title. That's no accident.

We put those two "wickeds" in there cause with a shiny faux leather little black dress and sequins making up the trim, this dress is bad on a whole new level. The layered tulle skirt will cast an awesome shadow as you make your entrance to any coven meeting.

Top the whole thing off with a cocked pointy hat and your wicked look will be complete!Good is so last DecadeThis Halloween, embrace your bad side.

Not that we want you to hunt down small children and whip up a sparrow stew. We just think it's about time that the powerful witches of this world got to express themselves without pretending to be weaker than they actually are.

So go ahead and paint your nails black, polish your best broom on your front porch. And if anyone comes round asking for a love potion, you're charging full price.

After all that witches have been through, you're worth it.

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