Women's Trick or Treat Socks

A TREAT FOR YOUR FEETPoor feet. They're often described as smelly, stinky and dirty but that's not very nice and not entirely true.

Feet are very helpful and without them, we'd just topple over. No more walking, running, skipping, or frolicking — how sad!

Life without feet would be bland, boring, and terribly uneventful so how about showing some appreciation for our lowest extremities by adorning your tootsies in these festive trick-or-treat socks for women. It's the second best way to treat your feet, the first being a pedicure.

Really pamper those toes by getting a pedicure then casing your feet inside these Halloween socks.          PRODUCT DETAILSThese socks feature the traditional Halloween colors, orange and black and they're made from a blend of stretchy fabric so they're capable of expanding to the knee making them perfect to wear with a skirt or dress.

They're too cute not to show off! One sock is black and features the word "trick" in orange while the other is orange and showcases the word "treat" in black; very fashionable and very festive!

  TRICK-OR-FEET!These socks make for the most nonchalant Halloween costume the world has ever seen.

Put them on full display or conceal them underneath a pair of pants! 

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