Women's Shadow Ninja Costume

We know about your night job.Don't look at us like that.

It was only a matter of time before we put together the bruises, bloody throwing stars, and smoke pellets. You have a typical day job, just like the rest of us, but you have a night gig too, don't you?

When the full moon rises, you sneak out the back door for secret jobs. You're a ninja.

We must applaud you. We've never seen you leave or arrive, so you must be exceptionally sneaky.

That's a pretty important feature for a ninja. And now that we've taken a closer look around, we respect your heavy arsenal.

Katanas, throwing knives and stars, smoke pellets, nunchucks, and sai..

. yeah.

You're armed to the teeth.While poking around we couldn't help but notice your ninja outfits were a little lack-luster.

Are you a budget ninja with the face mask and black sweats? Please tell us it isn't so.

Not a ninja of your caliber! Well, if you want to spruce up your outfit options a little check out our Shadow Ninja Costume.

It's a dress with a keyhole neckline, arm warmers, sash and stockings (with extra red ties). There's even a face mask to match.

Once you don this garb, you will look as skilled as you are! Though it will probably require a little bit of extra sneaking to not be noticed in this fine outfit.

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