Women's Rugrats Angelica Costume

Angelica Pickles..

.everyone's favorite cartoon sociopath!

As a child, growing up watching Rugrats, we were well aware that Angelica was the "bad guy" in the show. She bossed the babies around, took every opportunity to sass her parents, and manipulated every situation to her advantage.

We knew that we weren't suppose to like her and rooting for Tommy and the rest of his playpen pals was the right thing to do. But we couldn't help it, she was our favorite character on the show.

We're not afraid to admit that we LOVED Angelica. And we still do (there we said it!

)The pigtail-wearing instigator soaked up all of our attention because we loved watching her evil schemes unfold. Our childlike minds were fascinated by her ability to easily trick the babies, but somehow always avoid punishment.

Angelica was basically a queen, trapped inside of a little girl's body, barking order at everyone, using her Cynthia Doll as a royal scepter. Real talk, Angelica was a strong female role model who wasn't afraid of a challenge.

Plus, we secretly loved watching her terrorize Susie Carmichael! (Oh, c'mon, Susie was lame!

)If Angelica was also your favorite character in Rugrats, then you'll love dressing in this adult Angelica costume. Outfit yourself in the cartoony ensemble, which features the character's signature polka dot leggings and her lavender jumper.

The soft headpiece comes with the costume to complete the animated look. Now, all you'll need to do is find a Cynthia Doll to wave around.

Good luck, because we've been scouring Ebay for months trying to find one!

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