Women's Queen of Hearts Net Tights

QUEEN OF THE SUITSEpic poets have been telling us important lessons from the very beginning.  'Tis but thy name that is my enemy!

  What's in a name!?

  Don't just a book by its cover.  Down with physiognomy!

  You've heard all of them.  (Well, maybe not that last one.

) The point is that your name doesn't limit who you are!  So, when folks go hopping down into Wonderland and they run across the Queen of Hearts and assume that she's limited just to that singular suit.


well, suddenly we understand why she's a bit grumpy! PRODUCT DETAILSAvoid the problem that the Queen so often runs into when you have these Queen of Hearts Net Tights.

  These comfy nylons show that you're the master of all the suits with their all-over card face design.  They're the perfect addition to any Harlequin or Wonderland look, but they're a great and fun addition to your regular day jaunt, too!

  SHE WHO HOLDS THE CARDSWhen you walk down the trail sporting these tights, there's no question that you're going to feel in command.  You know all the tricks in the deck because the whole card army is ready to bow down before you.

  Show everyone that Queen of Hearts doesn't mean you don't deserve diamonds in spades and that you're willing to club 'em if they argue! 

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