Women's Long Straight Rose Gold Wig

Legendary Do's of HistoryWhat vaults a person into the annals of beauty history? Well, some scientists would tell you that it's all about facial structure.

People with symmetrical faces are supposed to be more attractive to the eye of the beholder. Other people say it's all about confidence, Cleopatra was one of those ladies.

While paintings of her don't drop any jaws these days, she certainly knew how to work a room in her time. Here's the thing, we're pretty sure we know what one element that will make you feel like you're on the top of the historic stunner ranks.

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hair. That's right, seems simple enough but people have been going to great lengths to have showstopping locks since the beginning of civilization.

Ancient women used to dye their hair with sulfur and lead. Up into the seventies people were using an iron to straighten their hair.

Basically, people have been going to drastic lengths while they could have simply been wearing a wig the whole time!Product DetailsThis wig is long and luxurious with gentle waves that will make you feel ethereal and glamorous.

You couldn't even use lead and sulfur if you wanted to get this look, this wig is the only answer. In a rose gold, you'll get hints of pink and a glimmering touch of gold like a glass of fine Rose.

 A Cast of CharactersWhen you put on this wig, you'll find it fits with all sorts of characters from fairies to mermaids to angels. Whatever character you decide on, you can rest assure that this wig will make your entrances unforgettable!

And hey, you didn't even have to get out your iron! 

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