Women's Ghost Pirate Costume

Seafaring SpecterThe mist is rising from the choppy waves as the sun goes down over the water. The captain of the ship looks out into the horizon.

Suddenly, as he scans the seas, a ship appears in the distance. Its sails are torn, the body is so full of holes that it really shouldn't be floating.

As the crew gathers around, they hear it. The soft thudding of far-off bass and haunting hollering.

Far off, over the darkening waves, the beat was dropping. Who doesn't want to be a part of an undead pirate party?

After all, there ain't no party like an undead pirate party because an undead party literally doesn't stop. Pirates already have quite the rep for knowing how to have a good time but when they rise from the dead, their ability to party on is inspirational as well as bone-chilling.

 Product DetailsGorgeous layers of silver and gray are the stars of the show with this mystically roguish look. Whether you're headed to the streets with a full-on zombie or you're simply headed out as a restless spirit, you'll surely love the spooky yet elegant tone of this dress.

The lace that makes up the skirt is short in front and makes a subtle tumbling bustle in the back. The bodice is fitted in the middle with a laced faux suede corset.

It also has flowy off-shoulder sleeves with elastic around the neckline to keep it in place. Pair it with a gnarly sword and you'll be ready for eerie moonlight requisitions on unsuspecting ships.

 Harbor HauntsPerfect for both nautical parties and spooktacular Halloween affairs, alike. You'll be glad to have a quality costume that no one is soon to forget.

Pair up with other sailors and pirates that have been to Davy Jones's Locker to put together a truly terrifying yet photogenic group costume. What is it about seaweed and the undead that go so well together?


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