WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase

$$$Having money in the bank is always a good thing. It lets you pay the bills on time, you can buy yourself an expensive toy, and you can even use some of it to make smart investments if you so choose.

What do you think wrestlers use their money in the bank for? Does John Cena buy a large collection of baseball hats and shorts?

Maybe Seth Rollins uses his money in the bank to buy beard oil, so he can keep his beard looking extra suave during his matches. Baron Corbin probably uses his money in the bank to buy more sweet black clothes.

Okay, okay… so maybe when WWE uses the phrase “Money in the Bank” it means something a little bit different. It’s the prize of a summer wrestling ladder match that nets the winner the contract for a championship match.

It’s quite prestigious and it even comes with a golden suitcase as a symbol of victory. Now, you can own a prop version of that suitcase!

Product DetailsThis Money in the Bank accessory is a toy replica of the iconic case from the WWE matches. You can carry it around as proof that you’re ready to battle against anyone who calls themselves a “champion”.

Of course, you can also add it to your John Cena cosplay to take it up a notch!Ready to RumbleWhen you carry around this Money in the Bank WWE accessory, everyone will know that you’re the big cheese!

Just make sure you brush up on your wrestling moves before carrying this suitcase around!

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