Tween Sassy Spirit Costume

You know the old timey image of a ghost costume, basically a white sheet with eye holes cut out of it? Where on earth did that ever come from?

Who decided that a shapeless white mass was remotely spooky, let alone a suitable representation of the wandering spirits of the restless dead? If you ask us, somebody probably just put off making a costume for a party until the last minute, then grabbed an old sheet and told everybody, “I’m a, um, ghost!

Yeah, this is what ghosts look like. Heck, everybody knows that!

”Anyway, we’re glad that modern trends in ghostliness are leaning a little more toward the creative side. The ghosts you see in movies and TV shows these days are mostly of the humanoid variety.

Creepy, pale people with hollow eyes and transparent bodies are the rule of the day, and we think the supernatural world is a scarier, more interesting place because of it. Although we suspect our friends in the bedsheet industry might think differently.

Add a touch of spooky elegance to your ghostly goings-on with this graceful ensemble. The polyester, velvet-like dress features an eerie print of a girl in a graveyard on the front.

A hooded cape hangs off your arms and shoulders in lacy tatters, while a matching lace skirt attaches around the waist and includes a creepy chain belt. Whether you’re a friendly ghost or a scary one is up to you, but either way you’ll make a more memorable apparition than any old-fashioned sheet spirit.

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