Toddler Little Black Cat Costume

A black cat has crossed your path! Is it bad luck?

Or is it good luck? Well, that all depends.

On where you live. On whether the cat walks from left to right or right to left or toward or away from you.

Or if you’re at sea. Or on how superstitious you happen to be.

But us? We’re more on the “good luck” side of black cats.

The Egyptians thought black cats were gods. There’s even an official Black Cat Appreciation Day (August 17th, if you’re interested in celebrating).

But none of that matters if it’s your little one in this Toddler Little Black Cat Costume. Then it can only mean one thing – lots of good luck and lots of smiles, too!

In fact, all of your neighbors and friends will be eager to be in the path of your kitten. The costume is the cat’s meow, whether your child is wearing it when going out on the prowl on Halloween or scampering around the house any old day.

It’s pure black faux fur and velour and so soft you won’t be able to help cuddling your little black cat. The jumpsuit zips up the back and has a black tail sewn on to swish behind every scamper.

Mitts and booties have cute little appliqued paws, and the hood has little black ears on the top and stays on with an elastic band at the back and a Velcro tab closure under the chin. Now, purring and meowing are optional, but helpful if your black cat wants extra treats.

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