Tiny Tentacles Octupus Costume

Is your baby a frickin’ genius? We know she is!

Did you also know that the octopus is one of the most intelligent creatures on earth? Sounds like a perfect fit for your MENSA-bound munchkin.

In addition to being AH-DOR-A-BLE, there are a few added benefits of dressing up your little brainiac as an octopod. 1) Cats, bats, and butterflies are kinda been-there-done-that.

2) She will be able to count to eight long before the other babies. 3) Having a baby octopus around means that there are even more arms to be hugged with!

Awww. Yeah, we tugged at your heartstrings.

Sorry about that. But who knows, maybe this costume will foster a lifelong love of octopuses and (in addition to being really, really intelligent) your little one will become extremely helpful around the house (that’s seven extra arms and legs for picking up, washing dishes, and making beds).

You’re dreaming of it now, aren’t you?Dream on, because in this Tiny Tentacles Octopus Costume, your babe’s bound to sweep you off the ocean floor and sail away with your heart.

This purple jumpsuit will keep her cozy and warm (we hear she can already convert Fahrenheit to Celsius) while the detachable side tentacles help develop her spatial reasoning. But honestly, don’t you want to forget all those practical costume perks for a moment and just suction yourself onto her for an everlasting eight-armed hug!

We thought so.

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