The Lobster Men's Costume

Some kids wanted to grow up to become a big, strong superhero. Other kids really wanted to be a firefighter or an astronaut when they grow up.

Other kids even thought it might be fun to grow up to be a ninja. Us?

Well, we always wanted to be a lobster. They called us crazy!

After all, how does a human grow up to become a lobster? A human can’t just grow a pair of magnificent claws out of nowhere.

A human can’t just grow gills! It’s straight madness… right?

Well, we couldn’t just give up our crazy dream. Inside of us beats the heart of a crustacean and we just had to give it a shot.

We did what we do best. We made a costume for it.

Our expert designers toiled away, studying lobsters in the wild. They watched their every move.

They began to think like lobsters. Then, they got to work and this lovely and magnificent Lobster costume is what came from their hard work.

This adult lobster costume is a big red jumpsuit that has little lobster legs dangling down from each side. The headpiece helps you transform your head into that of a crustacean and the included mitts actually make your hands look like lobster claws.

Unfortunately, it still won’t give you set of gills for breathing underwater, but we’re working on that. Maybe in a few more years, science will bring the technology need and we’ll create our lobster costume version 2.


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