Teen Scary Broken Doll Costume

On Wednesdays you may all wear pink, but on Halloween day it is every doll for herself!Break the mold of cutesy conformity and get a little creepy this Halloween season.

We know that in high school, no one wants to feel like an outsider (even though everyone does..



trust us), but a neglected doll-monster just can’t help herself. What’s interesting is, the creepier and scarier this costume gets, the more you actually ensure your place in the school spotlight.

This Teen Scary Broken Doll costume offers you a diabolical look with just a smidgen of “girly” glam thrown in for good measure. Shock Ms.

Popular with a seat at her lunch table, scare your Bio teacher into not giving that quiz today, or wear it to P.E.

and get first pick of the tennis racquets. After all, a girl who isn’t afraid to be a little edgy often gets what she wants.

And what you want is this wicked look, complete with the “stitched” black and white dress and footless tights. But wait!

Your posse taught you that accessories often make the outfit, so don’t forget to fasten this costume’s satin choker around your neck and tuck the hair bow into your pigtails. And go ahead and pick up good makeup kit and a pink wig; Halloween may not fall on a Wednesday, but today you make your own rules.


or else!

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