Teal Mermaid Shell Bra Top

Current TrendsAre you thinking of taking a dive into mermaid culture? Well, there a few things you have to know about mermaid royalty before you make your Atlantis debut.

For one, these folks take their singing pretty seriously. It's not just for fun.

Without their singing, they'd never be able to make ships crash to shore. What?

Oh, yeah. The mermaids we know are pretty darn ruthless.

Life in the ocean has to be. Look at the other creatures, there are sharks, stinging jellyfish, even a pretty looking cone snail can shoot folks with toxins that are enough to kill twenty men!

So yeah, the mermaid's tendency to use their hypnotic voices to lure folks into dangerous waters might be something you need to know. You've got to make sacrifices if you want to sleep in a sparkly, giant clam shell and swim with the dolphins.

 Product DetailsMix and match your mermaid look with this lovely seashell bra. The bra has sculpted shell cups with detailed stitching, adjustable straps, and a little seaside shimmer.

 Making WavesWhen you're heading out to your next costume party as a mermaid, you can go as far as you want with your look. Paint scales onto your skin.

Throw on strings of pearls. Explore our collection of mermaid skirts and leggings.

Just embrace the mermaid you've always wanted to be. That's sure to make waves!

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