Sweeney Todd Men's Costume

Sweeney Todd Men's Costume

Going for a shave? Seems like a pretty innocent thing to do.

But you never know what's going to happen in the dark and gloomy streets of London. You never know if your hairdresser is unhinged or you pie maker is half baked.

Our advice for a Londoner of the 1800's? Stay home!

We'd say an intact neck is worth the beard! We would stick to a vegetarian diet if it was between that or consuming one of Mrs.

Lovett's infamous pies, no matter how delicious they smell! We've had plenty of mysterious food in our day.

If you've ever opened a can of SPAM you might have wondered what all went in that machine before that alien like substance was produced. Still, people don't pause before slicing it up and putting it on some bread with mayo and a piece of lettuce.

Then there are those packaged desserts, cake on the inside and a mysterious hardened frosting on the outside. The texture is a little like a cake and a little like a sponge but you'd have to have a Master's in chemistry to interpret the ingredients list.

The point is, we're all guilty of eating that mystery food every once in a while so we should be grateful that we've never lived in the Sweeney's neighborhood. After all, mysterious food is sometimes surprisingly delicious.

  You don't have to go into business to become the demon barber of Fleet Street, just don this exclusive costume. You'll look like a truly unhinged Londoner in the full sleeves, leather textured vest, and cravat.

With a holster to keep your sharp friends in you'll be ready for when that judge finally stops in for a shave. Tell him to keep still, it's going to be a close one!

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