Star Trek Spock Foam Latex Ears

BEST OF BOTH WORLDSWhen humans first breach into the cosmos, we're destined to run into the logical and wise Vulcan race.  That's going to be great for our educational advancements and calm presence of mind, even though it will give us no end to our frustration at their lack of excitement.

Unless, of course, we're fortunate enough to find a certain half-Vulcan who manages to occasionally understand both the logical and the emotional side of that spectrum.  If only we knew where to look!

  Well, until space travel comes, there are always a few good workarounds.  PRODUCT DETAILSElevate the human race with a little Vulcan DNA with these Star Trek Spock Ears.

  These latex foam ears are styled after the pointed look of Vulcan biology and fit comfortably over your own outer ear, giving you the look of the esteemed First Mate of the Enterprise without hindering your hearing.  HALF VULCAN IS STILL 100% AWESOMEThese Spock Ears will make you feel as superior as you are!

  They are convincing for full Vulcans, even though Spock was only half-Vulcan.  So, whether you want to go full stoic and logical or incorporate a few of those pesky human emotions, these ears will help you finish the look!

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