Silver and Gold Loop Bracelet

The more, the merrier. The bigger, the better.

Sometimes, you just can’t get enough of a good thing. That applies to all things, even holidays like Halloween.

After all, it’s only once a year, so you need to go all out in your Halloween costume and accessories. If you’re dressing up in a costume that requires jewelry, make sure you have lots of it.

Among the many choices to wear, you can’t go wrong in wearing one, two, or a dozen of these silver and gold loop bracelets. This chain clip bracelet features several different styled silver and gold rings looped together with gold chain.

It’s a great accessory if you’re dressing in a fun renaissance dress, a fancy Cleopatra costume, or even dressing as Mr. T (we pity the fool who doesn’t wear enough jewelry with their Mr.

T costume). Whether you need a little or a lot more, this silver and gold loop bracelet will make a nice addition to your costume.

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