Sexy Circus Ring Leader Costume

Sexy Circus Ring Leader Costume

You’ve heard the saying. “Not my circus.

Not my monkeys.” But what if – just what if –everything around you really does feel like a circus?

And what if those monkeys really do seem like they’re yours, and the lions and the tigers and the bears, too? Listen, we get it.

Sometimes you just really need to find a way to keep it all together. You know, to whip things into shape.

To be the ring leader in the circus of life, and especially around Halloween.Well, we suggest that you put this Women’s Ring Leader Costume on and see how your life and the Halloween party shape up!

It’ll give you the powerful – and little bit sexy – look you need to be mistress of ceremonies of this circus, and to get all the various acts to follow your directions. Just the red corset alone will command respect, and there’s even a long tail in the back.

Doesn’t it look just like a big top ringleader’s jacket, only more feminine? There’s skimpy little black skirt that shimmers when you’re strutting around the ring, and a black faux fur bolero that will make you feel glamorous and will keep you warm on a chilly Halloween night.

Red and gold details and decorations and sequins are all about making you shine in the lights. Top if off with a mini top hat.

And you might want to think about adding a whip – because somebody’s gotta whip this circus into shape!

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