Sea Foam Mermaid Kit

Current CousinsThere are many different kinds of mermaids. Some are the gorgeous creatures we might find in a picture book.

Others are just a little more mysterious. We suppose, for instance, that you haven't heard of Arctic Ice mermaids.

These lovely creatures reside under the ice shelves of places like Greenland and Antarctica. Like the seals that live in that area, these are a pale white so they can hide from Polar Bears and sneak up on their prey.

Their seafoam blue close cousin resides in the icy fjords of Norway and their forest green relatives swim in the deep waters of northern lakes. When it comes to representing the earth's mermaid population, apparel options are close to endless.

All you need to do is choose a color scheme that suits your fancy and dive in! Product DetailsAny mermaid costume will level up with this lovely seafoam kit.

The headband has ruffles of sea foam on a soft surface. It's paired with sheer, long gloves with sparkles along a subtle pattern.

 Changing ChannelsIt's time folks gave mermaids their due. These mythical creatures are more than the demure little redhead we were all familiar with as kiddos.

They're mysterious, tough, and just a little bit dangerous. Go ahead and get creative with scale print makeup, a wild wig, and plenty of sparkles.

It's time to dive deep. 

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