Sassy Ringleader Women's Costume

Sassy Ringleader Women's Costume

Big Top StarWhen you think on nights at the circus you don't often think of the ringleader as the star of the show. We have to disagree with that idea.

The thing is, the ringleader is the person that makes everything run smoothly. Without this powerful persona dominating over the various creatures in the ring (including the strongman), the show under the big top might descend into chaos.

A good ringleader can have tigers dancing on their hind legs and lions doing the cha-cha without any trouble. She might rule with a strong hand but that doesn't mean the big cats won't come to her after the stage lights go down.

After all, once she puts her whip down she's got a talent for scratching those ears just right. Product DetailsThis catsuit is ready for showtime with sassy coattails attached to the back.

The sleeves are detailed with gold tassels over the shoulders and red cuffs at the wrists. The front panel is accented with a red fabric border and gold buttons on each side with chains connecting them.

Polish your look with the included top hat and find the whip of your choice and your look will be complete. Lions and Tigers and Bears, No ProblemWhen you go out as a ringleader, not much can intimidate you.

The mighty muscles posed for the kill under the shining fur of these exotic creatures, simply relax when they are around you. That sassy whip is just for looks because while you'd never ask one of the gorgeous beasts to walk through fire for you, you've certainly suggested that they jump through a flaming hoop and the beasts (including the strongman) didn't even hesitate.

Maybe your secret to lion whispering lies in your confident demeanor. Maybe it lies in the fabric of your pleather pants.

Either way, you'll feel like a boss in this costume. The spectators are in their seats, the clowns are in their starting places, and you're in the ring.

Now, it's time to shine!

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