Rabid 12" Squirrel

THE WORLD'S CUTEST LITTLE MURDERERFolks find a lot of bliss in looking at our favorite little wilderness rodent running around the yard.  Unless you're a dog, squirrels are likely among the cutest thing you've ever seen (and, even dogs still want to look and chase after them).

 But, there are a few things about the creatures that some don't know.  Were you aware that they're not herbivores?

  No, these guys like to kill and chomp down on meat just like so many other things!  Hopefully, that doesn't disrupt your happy images too much, because we have more.


 PRODUCT DETAILSTurns out that squirrels can also make really terrifying zombie squirrels!  Show off your bravery and freak out your friends with this 12" Rabid Squirrel.

  This foot tall statue features a gray squirrel who has definitely gone off the rails and survived(?) through some serious scrapes.

  Bloodshot eyes and horrible bone-revealing wounds are among the spooky details of this normally fuzzy friend, but it's definitely hungry for more! WATCH YOUR NUTSIf you thought that squirrels would come raiding the pantry and steal all your stuff before, you're in for an even darker twist when this Rabid Zombie Squirrel comes to town.

  It's ready to feast on everything and has the bloody bites to prove it! 

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