Powerpuff Girls Child Blossom Costume

Hmm let's see, we are going to need eight cups of sugar, a pinch of spice, and one tablespoon of everything nice. Oh wait!

There is one very important ingredient that we can't forget! We have to put exactly one teeny tiny drop of Chemical X in the potion and.


voila! That's how you make a sweet, sometimes sour, Powerpuff Girl.

That specific recipe is according to Professor Utonium. We here at Halloweencostumes.

com have our own unique way of creating a Powerpuff Girl. Step number 1: hone your sassy attitude.

Step number 2: don the appropriate costume. Step number 3: Kick butt!

Our Blossom costume will give your daughter the redheaded Powerpuff Girls' sassy look but she'll have to supply the feisty attitude all on her own. Oh yea, Blossom's ice breath powers are also not included with this costume!

However, this Powerpuff Blossom costume for girls does come with the shiny pink dress, complete with the thick black band of fabric around the waist and the red hair-bow headpiece. The anime eye glasses that can easily be seen through, are the finishing touch on this cartoon character look.

She'll be ready to put a stop to all of Mojo Jojo's madness once she's wearing the complete Powerpuff Girls look!

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