Pink Wacky Adult Wig

Bubblegum. Cotton candy.

Flamingos. Geraniums.

Ballet shoes. Carnations.

Strawberry milkshakes. Can we agree that those things are all very magical and all very pink?

After all, it is the best color out there. The world would be a much happier place if there were more natural pink things, like pink trees, pink clouds, and pink animals.

But unfortunately there isn't so we have to put a pop of pink into as many things as possible..

.like your hair!

Adults who are looking to expand the pinkness in this world will be excited about this unique and vibrant hot pink wig. The pink wacky wig is a beautiful shade of pink that will stand out among a sea of drab colored hair.

The unique style wig is fashioned so you'll have a pretty serious widow's peak. The rest of the synthetic hair is fashioned so it sticks straight up in the air.

Basically, it's the perfect wig to wear for a troll doll costume or a bright colored gnome costume. You'll be in for a very fun pink-filled evening!

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