Nintendo Super Mario Star Earrings

Real Life Power-UpsWouldn't power-ups be great for real life? They exist in the video games, but the closest thing we have to that in real life is coffee.

It's great and all, but it's nothing like the power-ups in all of the Super Mario Bros games. Mario can use a Super Mushroom to double his size.

He can touch a flower to shoot fire. He can use a leaf transform into a flying raccoon (Japanese folklore is weird).

And then there's the most coveted power-up of them all, the Power Star. One simple touch of this power-up turns Mario into an unstoppable, glowing, invincible plumber of power!

If only there was a way to harness that power in the real world..

.Product DetailsOkay, so maybe these Nintendo Super Mario Star earrings won't actually turn you into an unstoppable Italian plumber.

They will, however, make you feel like your style is completely invincible! They're based on the iconic power-up from the video game series and they have a metallic gold sheen to them.

They're standard post style pieced earring and measure about half an inch wide.Cosplay ConsiderationsThese earrings aren't just great for adding some Mushroom Kingdom style to your normal outfits.

They're also the finishing touch to any Princess Peach costume you might consider for your next costume party!

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