Ninja Turtle Movie Child Deluxe Michelangelo Costume

Booyakasha!Every group has to have the silly friend.

Someone to lighten the mood. Break up the tension caused by, in group fighting, or getting your butts kicked by bad guys.

This is the friend who starts beat-boxing, and somehow gets everyone to join in.Mikey, is just that guy.

He is the kind of dude that is ready with a joke at every moment. "I was expecting way worse.


" Krang comes out of his suit, "..

.It's like a chewed up piece of gum, with a face!

" And, "Everybody calm down. Look how calm I am!

" And, his love of pizza is truly ridiculous. The only thing that can break his concentration, when the turtles are being questioned by Splinter.

Now your child can become the coolest Ninja Turtle: Mikey. For Halloween he can dress up in this Ninja Turtle Movie Child Deluxe Michelangelo Costume (phew, try saying that five times fast), and you can get your old Leonardo costume out.

You'll be the best dressed father and son at his school Halloween carnival. The two of you can go out to eat for pizza after.

Each getting your own cheese pizza, and scarfing them down as fast as possible. The workers at Pizza Hut won't even be that weirded out by the giant turtles stuffing their faces with as much pizza as they can.


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