Ninja Turtle Movie Child Deluxe Donatello Costume

Aw yeah, feel our bo staff, foot soldiers! Being a mutated turtle is hard enough, but when you're a teenage mutant ninja turtle?

Well let's just say it might have been easier for Donatello to be a Renaissance sculptor instead of a ninja turtle. Then again, you don't get much of a choice when you're covered in mutagen and forced to grow up in the sewers of New York.

You thought your life was hard? Imagine trying to go through puberty while you are also transforming from a turtle into a.


well, still a turtle but an anthropomorphic one at that. Talk about shell shocked!

Fortunately, you've got your brothers by your side. None of them look as good as you do in purple, and honestly they are so technologically behind, but they're your best buds and there's no one you'd rather split a slice with (except Mikey, because you know he's going to eat more than his share).

And then there's April, what a woman! Not just a smart reporter, but a gorgeous woman to have on your side.

So strap on that shell and hit the streets of New York with your trusty bo so you can kick Shredder's butt. Leonardo is in the lead, but you'll be right behind him with a new gadget up your sleeve to surprise your foes.

Did someone call for a Turtle Van? It's a great way to pick up some pizza for Splinter and your buds.

We're pretty sure it's not street legal, but you know what you're doing, Donatello. You always have before!


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