Men's Zoltar Speaks Booth Costume

YOUR FUTURE AWAITSSimply feed the machine a quarter and reap many great benefits. What are those benefits, you ask?

Well, it really varies. It could be anything from making a wish to knowing your future.

Right now we're kicking ourselves for paying 100 bucks for a 15 minute reading with an authentic voodoo priestess. If only we knew Zoltan could do the same thing for only 25 cents!

Plus, Zoltars are all over the country which is convenient. Before finding this out, we traveled across the country to get our fortunes read.

If only we knew walking into a candy store or going to a fair was an option! Be in-the-know regarding everything Zoltar so what happened to us doesn't happen to you, which is why we're cluing you in on this tidbit of exciting news.

Now, you can be Zoltar. Just wear the Zoltar speaks booth costume for adults and tell others their future.

On top of being awesome, it's a lucrative costume too— just think of all quarters you'll collect! PRODUCT DETAILSThis costume consists of a yellow, silky high neck shirt while the box prop fits over the head and features a hole on either side for both arms.

The top of the golden box rests comfortably on the head. It's highly detailed with a coin and cash slot illustrated below the window.

A bejeweled sultan hat is also included to offset the yellow long-sleeve, a look that's typical of many magicians. The dark facial hair, like eyebrows, mustache and goatee are included to complete the unique look.

    YOUR WISH IS GRANTED   Instead of asking for a wish, you're the one who's granting them. That's a pretty important job!

let us know all the strange and unusual wishes you grant in the product review section below.            

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