Men's Plus Size Renaissance Tavern Patron Costume

+2 to CharismaThe team is counting on you. Yes, it’s time for you, the humble bard, to shine.

The stalwart knight of your group slayed that awful dragon during your adventure at Dragonskull Peak. The wise old wizard cast a spell of illumination to lead you out of that dark cavern near Pirate’s Cove.

You’ve traveled from distant lands and it’s finally up to you to save the group from imminent doom. You’ve reached… the tavern!

And it’s time to charm that bartender with one of your famous tales of epic adventure to score a few free drinks. You’re going to need to boost your charisma stat to the max!

Luckily, this men’s Tavern Patron costume is specially designed for bards who want to increase their charisma.Yes, our costume designers are experts in charisma!

They studied Renaissance festivals across the land and they even read enough tabletop RPG hand guides to craft this costume. You shan’t be disappointed!

Design & DetailsThis Renaissance Tavern Patron costume is the plus size version of our classically charismatic outfit. It comes with everything you need to feel like the most charming patron in the mead hall.

The gauze shirt has cord lacing in front and buttons on the cuffs of each sleeve. The vest is made of a dark navy velvet material has studded faux leather accents.

The simple black pants have an elastic waist for fitting. The finishing touch to this outfit is the black, faux leather belt.

It fits around the waist with an adjustable metal buckle. It's a great look for a trip to the Renaissance festival, or for your tabletop RPG night!

You Attempt “Charm Person”When you head to the tavern with your group of merry travelers, you’ll become a true hero! The knight may be able to slay a dragon and the wizard may be able to cast flashy magical spells, but only you will be able to charm the bartender into giving the group a free drink!

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