Men's Nightmare Clown Costume

WARNING! Someone very dangerous has escaped from The Big Top so you may want to go into hiding for awhile.

This runaway is severely deranged..

. Most people start to tremble in fear when they hear a convict has escaped from a maximum security prison, but when those same people hear that a demented clown has ran away from a local circus.


they'll totally freak out. We're talking about full blown mass hysteria!

First of all, this clown is a lot scarier looking than your average prisoner. Just take a look at that eerie face paint and that demented smirk on his face.

We're willing to bet he's not smiling because he's thinking of all the cute balloon animals that he's going to make; he's smiling because he's thinking about all the people he's going to frighten. We suggest that you start running now if you have a pretty bad case of coulrophobia.


If you're in the market for a costume that will conjure up some of the most ear-piercing shrieks, then this nightmare clown costume is right up you alley. You'll look like a true circus freak when you sport these purple diamond pants with attached suspenders.

The blood spatters on the pants are a horrifying detail that others will notice right away. The mask features classic clown face paint and a smile that says that this clown is clearly up to no good.

Grab a toy weapon and lace up some combat boots and you'll be ready to terrorize your neighborhood. In fact, you'll be responsible for turning some people's nightmares into a reality!

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