Marvel Avengers Infinity War Hulk Adult Mask

Hulk's Day OffHulk no longer wants to smash. He's given it up.

The relentless destruction of everything around him just isn't quite appealing to him any longer. And being angry all the time is quite exhausting.

He's more interested in something quite different. Want to know what it is?

It's quite simple really. Try making a grimace right now.

Doesn't that put a little strain on your face and neck muscles? It's pretty tiring trying to keep up that classic Hulk rage!

That's precisely why Hulk has given up anger and smashing. It's just too darn exhausting on the face.

But you like it when Hulk smashes, right? Heck, you'd like to do a bit of smashing of your own right?

Well, maybe there's an easier way for you to grimace like the classic Marvel hero..

.Product DetailsThis Marvel Infinity War Hulk mask helps you get that mean face of the big green guy without having to strain your face muscles.

Just place this molded mask over your face and you can instantly look like the angry, smashing Hulk you know and love from the Avengers films.Thanos, it's Go Time.

Round 2!This Hulk mask might even have you feeling a dose of the green guy's power!

You'll be ready to pick a fight with Thanos!

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