Long Wavy 3-Piece Primary Rainbow Hair Extensions

That ROYGBIV LookWhen it comes to certain mystical creatures, hair is everything! Let's take a look at the mysterious mermaid, for instance.

We know all about the shell bra and fins but her hair is super important. We've never seen a picture of a mermaid with boring brown, limp, straight locks.

Her hair is always shot through with color, volume, and other forms of magic that we can't quite put our finger on. Then we look at the unicorn.

Its majestic horn is almost always framed with a pretty, flowing rainbow mane. So, it makes sense that when we want to look a little more magical, you've got to embrace that ROYGBIV look!

Product DetailsNo need to sweat in a full-headed wig all night when you can simply clip in these gorgeous rainbow hair extensions! In three pieces, these simply clip in at the base of your head to make you feel as magical as those creatures we mentioned before.

You don't even need to spray your locks to match, rainbows match any color of hair, after all!Chasing RainbowsIf you're ready to embrace the rainbow look then you're looking at a colorful future!

You just might find that you've got all sorts of reasons to wear this set. From Pride parades to music festivals, this wig is not only designated to costumes.

Then again, any mermaid or unicorn would love to have these rainbow colors to top off a mystical look! So, embrace your mystical, magical side and clip these colorful locks to your hair!


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