Lilo & Stitch Stitch Sunglasses

Who's your favorite alien? Well, if you're a fan of adorable forms of mischief than your favorite intergalactic creature is most likely Stitch, the blue and purple alien from planet Turo.

Maybe you like him so much because he's somewhat like a dog. Sure, a dog that's really good at hand-to-hand combat, climbing walls, and has retractable antennae but still, he's kind and friendly and warms your heart!

If you'd like to transform yourself into this lovable character at a moment's notice then there is no better way than to carry these sunglasses in your backpack or purse. As any Stitch fan knows, this little alien can naturally transform at any minute, so why shouldn't you be able to?

Look at the world through Stitch's lovable eyes. You might even pick up some of his super strength hearing with big purple ears.

Just be sure and put these glasses away if you see Jumba, there's no way you want to end up back in Turo!

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