Light Up Wonder Woman Lasso

Light Up Wonder Woman Lasso

One mighty lassoAh, the lasso of Truth. You know it, we know it.

This golden lasso is a pretty big deal. But especially so to you.

because you're not any regular lady while you are but you have something particularly epic in your destiny. You've chosen a Wonder Woman costume and you need to get your hands on a lasso of your own.

Well, friend, we've got your back.This Wonder Woman lasso is officially licensed by DC Comics.

Eight and a half feet long, it's everything you need to get the truth out of out of a bad guy and it's probably pretty handy in a big-time battle, too. After all if you're going to be dressing like Wonder Woman, you've got to have the gear to back you up.

And this prop lasso is up for the task.Design and detailsThis lasso measures 8 1/2 feet long.

It has a hard molded plastic handle and the whip section is woven mesh that covers the LED lights. With three light modes it's ready for action.

It also comes with a belt loop to secure to your costume belt.DisclaimerWe know this lasso looks really great but unfortunately, it does not come with any special powers.

And we do not recommend trying to fight bad guys with it. But when you add it to your costume get up and Light It Up?

You're going to look epic.

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