Kids Jedi Robe

Kids Jedi Robe

In my experience there is no such thing as luck. - Obi Wan KenobiIt takes a lot to be a Jedi.

It takes natural talent. We all remember Qui-Gon Jinn explaining the way midichloreons work to little Anakin.

He had a powerful talent, too bad he went bad.It takes hard work, and training.

Obi Wan Kenobi trains young Luke to be the best Jedi he can be. And when Obi Wan isn't around to train him anymore did Luke just give up?

No, he crashed on a planet where Yoda lived. And he continued his training.

The next time your son doesn’t want to do his homework tell him about Luke training in the swamps of Dagobah. Yoda making him lift the Falcon out of the swamp.

Carrying the little green guy on his back as he swings on vines, and does front flips.So, this Halloween show your son what happens when he works hard.

Give him this Kids Jedi Robe, and let him experience what his hard work was all for. He already possess the natural talent that the midichloreons give him, and with the hard work he will have done, he will be a full fledged Jedi.

The kind of Jedi that will stand up to Darth Vader. The kind that can kick some butt with or without a light saber.

Just make sure he keeps doing all his homework. He can't become a Jedi by slacking off.

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