Harry Potter Temporary Tattoo Set

Spellbinding SocialsSay what you will about the drama that comes with the dark arts, the Wizarding World makes for a good party. We see a lot of parties throughout the books.

From the celebrations that come with the Quidditch cups to the stinking but happy birthday party for Nearly Headless Nick, magic folks know how to have a good time. Lucky for us, we can all learn a thing or two about hosting a magic-themed soiree these days as well!

With delicious cauldron cakes, sweet and frothy Butterbeer, and access to Hogwarts school uniforms we can have get-togethers that are quite a lot like the ones in The Wizarding World. Only without any actual spells.

As we all know, dressing up can be the best part of any soiree. If you're ready to party like a witch and wizard, take those costumes one step further with this magical tattoos!

Product DetailsThese sheets have thirty tattoos included for witches and wizards that would feel comfortable in any house. With designs that include symbols of Harry Potter such as glasses and lightning bolts.

You'll even get a Death Eater tattoo if someone wants to get in touch with their dark side. Instructions are included so that you'll apply your tattoos the right way the first time around.

Which is a good thing, you want to do these licensed tattoos justice!Amp Up That UniformSo maybe a Harry Potter fan in your life is having a Wizarding World birthday bash.

Or maybe you're getting a group together to do a Harry Potter pub crawl. Maybe Malfoy and Harry Potter have put their differences aside and are trick-or-treating together.

Whether you plan on sharing this set with friends or keeping them all for yourself, you'll find that these stickers will add a little more magic to your Hogwarts uniform!

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