Harry Potter Gryffindor Bow

Uniform UpgradePleated skirts, flowy wizard robes, and knee-high socks, we all know the Hogwarts uniform pretty well by now. It's classic, it's dark, and we have to wonder how we would change our look up after eight months a year for seven years of learning at a boarding school.

Most things are out when it comes to changing up the strict dress code. No dangly bracelets cause they could easily get caught in a wand or mess with the elements of your potion.

No sweatpants or hoodies, of course, the hallowed halls of Hogwarts have been around since 990 A.D.

Who learns about the ancient magical arts while sitting in an ancient classroom while wearing a sweatshirt that flaunts their favorite Quidditch team? The best way to change up that school uniform for a little spice?

Exchange your tie for a red and gold bowtie!Product DetailsThis triple layer bowtie is a showstopper with a base that was half gold and half red.

The second is striped with red and gold and the last red layer has a Gryffindor crest in the middle. It's fitted with an alligator clip to secure it to your button-down shirt for a sharp look.

It also has a safety pin so you can secure it to a headband and wear it around with pride! You'll feel sassy and ready to cheer for Gryffindor in this adorable bow.

 Twist and CharmThere's no need to play it dull and boring. You're in the most magical university after all!

So go on and add a little more color to your look, more of a twist always adds more charm!

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