Harry Potter Double Drop Earring Set

Little Magic ThingsWhen learning magic, it gets pretty obvious that all the little things matter. Just ask Hermione, she knows that an accent in the wrong place of a charm can make it null and void.

So when you're dressing up on the grounds of Hogwarts, your fellow students will notice the small touches you add to your wardrobe. Everyone is wearing their wizarding robes which is all well and good.

But when you're working through your studies, sooner or later you're want something that will give your uniform a little shine. And hey, if your jewelry honors the legendary boy who lived then we're sure that your classmates will think that's pretty cool.

 Product DetailsYou'll get two different earrings with this gold-colored set. One features the Deathly Hallow earrings the symbolize the resurrection stone and elder wand while the other set represents the glasses, wand, and lightning scar of Harry Potter.

  Bibbity, Bobbity, BlingOkay, we know the above header would never cross the lips of any Hogwarts students. But throwing on these earrings will make you feel a little more magical and sparkly even if you're sweating in Potions class or flying high at Quidditch practice.

In our opinion, everyone could use more magic detail in their lives. 

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