Harley Quinn Necklace & Earring Gift Tin

SUPERVILLAIN VIBES  It's a dark and stormy night, but instead of lounging in comfortable sweats you're sitting in front of the mirror preparing your appearance for a fun, perhaps dangerously fun night, waiting out the front door. It's a random Tuesday, but for an adventurous lady like yourself, it's another chance to experience the zest of life.

You're just meeting a pal for dinner and casual chit-chat but knowing you, an exciting night will undoubtedly unfurl. Maybe you'll spice things up with a drink or two or maybe a character cloaked in dark clothing will find you and challenge you to a duel?

Your life is excitingly unpredictable so you never know! No matter where the night takes you, be prepared for anything from a dance battle to an actual battle by looking your best.

The Harley Quinn necklace and earring gift tin comes with the added extras any ensemble needs to elevate it from super to supervillain!PRODUCT DETAILSThe officially licensed DC Comics product consists of a pair of earrings and a silver-tone necklace inside a convenient red and black tin box.

Both feature a diamond design, while the earrings are post-style and the chain is 20 inches long.     HARLEY QUINN APPROVEDLooking for a way to accentuate your Harley Quinn costume?

Add some Clown Princess bling to separate your look from the other supervillains running amock on Halloween!     

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