Grave Mound

INSTANT GRAVE, NO DIGGING REQUIREDThe toughest part about trying to get a creepy environment or cemetery established is all the digging that you have to do beforehand.  It might sound like a six-foot hole isn't that big a deal until you account for all the volume that suggests!

 Except for a very few rare circumstances, you can't exactly have the tenants of a grave plot dig the hole themselves, so it's usually up to you.  If only we had a way to get everything all settled without having to put shovel to ground.

  PRODUCT DETAILSWe are always here to help support all your creepy requirements and today is no different.  This Grave Mound decoration is perfect for giving the look of the dead without having to do all the work!

  This 2x5 foot burlap blanket has all the design of a freshly dug grave.  Metal hooks stake the blanket to the ground so you don't have to worry about the contents getting up and wandering away.

SECURE THOSE OLD BONESSave your weary bones from all the work of gravedigging while also keeping the contents safe within when you use this Grave Mound decoration to give your yard the look of the graves.  Of course, a few skeletal decorations can only make it better!


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