Girls Red Peasant Dress

Huzzah!You might have noticed that your daughter is talking like a drunk old medieval man.

All the Huzzahs, and thines, and calling the bathroom the privee might have given away what she was after. But she didn't think you would pick up on it so easily.

No, not only has she been talking like that, she has also been leaving brochures around the house. Brochures for the renaissance fair down state.

You don't mind, you were planning on taking her anyway. What is more concerning is.


where is she getting all of these? Did she have them send them to you in the mail?

No, you would have found some in the box. It's a complete mystery.

Make sure you hide proper attire in the car for her, when you surprise her by telling her to get in the car then driving down state. She will get hopeful, that little light in her eyes brightening up, when she sees the signs advertising for "Ye Olde Medieval Times".

And she will just about faint when you pull out this Girl's Red Peasant Dress from where you hid it. She will marvel over the white cotton shirt, and red lace up vest.

Happy that she gets to become part of Ye Olde Medieval Times. And it will all be worth it as you watch her try to eat a whole mutton chop, and ask the nice knight where the privee is.

But you'll always be wondering where she got those brochures form.

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