Frightful Clown Women's Costume

It's been a few days since the circus left town. You can still picture the big top tent, the glowing Ferris Wheel, and of course that clown that had followed you everywhere from the peanuts to the stands and even out to your car.

It's strange but when you were leaving work yesterday you could swear you saw her standing on the corner near your building, looking at you. When the circus left this clown behind something in her came loose and now she's acting a little funny.

Well, let's be honest, she was always a little bananas. Now that there's no other clowns driving her around in tiny cars or distracting her with balloon hats there's no telling what she'll do.

She's definitely looking a little worse for wear, and where did she get those creepy skull buttons? All you know is now she's loose in your town with a chip on her shoulder.

Reawaken that deep seated fear of clowns in all your friends this Halloween. This ensemble is at once both scary and cute, sound like anyone you know?

With a big polka dot bow, this clown started off with good intentions but somewhere along the way she went dreadfully awry. He ruff necked tunic is worn and ragged with skulls where her happy pom-poms should be.

Her striped leggings have some serious holes in them, from what? We don't want to know.

The only thing you have to do to make this ensemble complete is order yourself a wig and apply some creepy makeup and you're ready for the Halloween bash. This party clown is sure to scare your friends silly.

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