Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume

Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume

We have one thing to say about this costume: glowing eyes! It might sound strange for grown adults to get excited about an outfit with glowing eyes, but were beyond caring about judgement.

Were in love with glowing eyes, especially when its on an awesome demon ninja costume like this one. If were this excited thinking about it, you can only imagine how your kid is going to feel wearing it.

You might as well send them to ninja school, except you still get to have them around. Or have to, depending on how you look at it.

We know what you might be thinkingyour child doesnt need a costume to portray a demon. If thats the case, this costume will just solidify your thinking.

Your child might, however, need some ninja training. Besides waxing on and off and catching flies in the palms of their hands, here are some household activities you might be able to convince your kid are a good substitute for ninja training: walking the dogs without anyone seeing them, taking out the trash without touching the ground, washing the windows under cover of darkness, or vacuuming the hallway blindfolded.

Your little Damien or Beelzebub will freak out the whole neighborhood in this outfit thats complete with glowing eyes.Dont forget batteriesthe glasses require 3 AA batteries to light up.

When theyre powered, they fade in and out like a scary demon watching from the darkness. See how far your kid can move in the dark while theyre faded outthats the demon ninjas signature move to confuse enemies.

Theyll never know where the demon ninja will strike from nextor just how many of them there are!

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