Elite Captain Hook Costume

Elite Captain Hook Costume

Have you ever wondered where this pirate craze started? An argument could be made for Johnny Depp's rough and tumble captain act.

That seems a little late since so many of us grew up loving the classic striped shirt, eye-patched look. We think that once we watched Peter Pan as kids, pirates were implanted as cool guy villains in our minds for good.

As much flak as Hook gets, no one can hatch a plot quite like the suave Captain Hook.His nefarious nature takes pirating to the next level.

He's got an undying greed for power over Neverland, a hatred of crocodiles, and a vendetta against the wily Peter. Somehow his best-laid plans are always ending in defeat, although he gets pretty close to victory.

This elite Hook costume includes the fancy jacket and vest. The jacket is a rich red and detailed with gold braid trim on both the body and the sleeves.

You'll feel like a truly imperial villain, just don't forget to invest in the classic curly tresses and hat that make the Captain look so dapper. Of course, remember to obtain Hook's dangerous prosthetic.

Captain Hook wouldn't be himself without his hook for a hand.You'll be ready to finally get back at Peter Pan when you deck yourself out in this exquisite captain's coat and vest.

Whether you've got some fantastic Halloween plans or you've earned a starring role in a production of Peter Pan, in this ensemble, you'll have the lost boys shivering in their timbers. Now, if you could only take care of that ticking crocodile!

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