Deluxe Black Flapper Costume

There are two kinds of ostrich outfit: the kind that makes you want to show off that ostentatious plumage and strut your stuff, and the kind that makes you want to hide your head in the sand..

. Hang on!

This isn't another one of our exclusive animal costumes, inspired by the nature documentaries that we're always binge-watching in our spare time. It's our exclusive Deluxe Black Flapper Costume, the latest milestone in our relentless quest to create the most glamorous possible outfit!

So far, we've traveled to three continents in hopes of slaking our unquenchable thirst for glitzy glory. And those trips really helped us appreciate just how much we did not need to leave the office to achieve our goal!

Then we successfully attempted to travel back in time to the 1920s, which helped us appreciate just how many of us are willing to risk life and limb in order to find out how the 'Roaring' Twenties actually sounded. We had reports of bright light and the rumble of an oncoming train, so we must have gotten close!

No matter what, this authentic dress and headband would still look as great as they do now: we'd just have a better sense of our competition for in the all-time most-glamorous-possible-outfit contest. People like you, who are simply excited to step out in a ritzy, high-quality getup inspired by some of the most iconic looks of the 20th century, should be as proud as peacocks to prance around in this stunning costume set!

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