Deluxe Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger Costume

Deluxe Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger Costume

It takes some serious guts to join the Survey Corps and fight back against the Titan threat before they are able to completely wipe out humanity!Not only are they tasked with exploring the world outside the safety of their walls so mankind might live and thrive there again one day, but their experience working around and dealing with Titans puts them in the unique position to study them.

Eren Jeager’s wild temper and impulsive nature may seem like he would be a terrible fit for this elite group, where discipline is essential in the face of giant people-eating monsters. But his passion and devotion to his friends actually make him exactly who you’d want fighting by your side.

His deadly combat skills and ability to turn into a Titan definitely come in handy too when things get really bad!When it’s time to head out on a dangerous expedition, you’re going to need to be dressed properly if you expect to come back.

This exclusive Deluxe Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger Costume lets you assume the role of the Hajime Isayama character and take the fight to the Titans beyond the wall! The shirt and pants look just like the Survey Corps standard issue uniforms.

The jacket and green hooded cape are embroidered with the “Wings of Freedom” insignia to indicate the elite unit you belong to and the included belt and harness are ready to mount your Vertical Maneuvering Equipment onto. This costume probably won’t make you able to shift into a Titan, but it will definitely make you look like a tough and dedicated Titan fighter, which may give you just the edge you need!

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