Cracks Makeup Stencil

The Big BreakAre you ready to shake things up a little bit? Things can get a little wild around Halloween.

Your house might get a little creepier. Gravestones pop up in front yards.

Cobwebs congeal on porches and trees. Inside bats might hang from chandeliers and skeletons might peep out of windows.

Then there's your mind. How can you help but crave those spooky podcasts, movies, and books?

The night is coming on faster and chilly weather makes everyone want to curl up with a little something unsettling. Soon enough, it's going to be Halloween.

We all know a great costume is all about the details. Leave it to some great makeup to make sure your costume is all that it's cracked out to be!

Product DetailsWhether you're creating a broken doll look or you're taking a new twist to a classic mummy costume, you'll be glad you have this crack-patterned stencil in your arsenal! At over four inches, you'll find it easy to make noticeable details in your makeup.

Crack in the FacadeDoll makeup looking a little too perfect? Add to the creep factor and simply use a sponge applicator and apply dark details over a pale base while using this stencil.

And since it's made out of laser cut mylar, this is a stencil you'll be able to use again and again. After all, there's always another Halloween!

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