Child Tuxedo Kitty Costume

Everybody wants to be a cat. This was established way back in the AristoCats.

But, not every one wants to be a dirty mangy tom cat. Some of us would like to be cute black and white cats.

With bow ties. And stockings.

Your little girl is all about cats. She has many, many, many plush kitty toys.

Cat posters covering every wall in her room. Every day she asks if she can wear her cat ear head band to school.

You let her, not as often as she would like, but you let her. And, now she keeps trying to wear her Halloween costume from last year everyday.

Well, we can solve a little of this cat mania. This Child Tuxedo Kitty Costume can be worn out on the town, or to school, and with the cat ear head band that it comes with, she will be purrfectly dressed for any occasion.

(Sorry, we just couldn’t help it.) And, she wont be wearing her Halloween costume all day everyday.

This fancy costume dress is easy to get her into with it's pullover bodice and puffy mesh sleeves, and the tail on the back is detachable for when she goes to school. Yet, even if you don't attach the tail, it still has flair with the sequined skirt.

Just pair this dress with some cute stockings, and little black shoes. She'll be the most well dressed cat you've ever seen, and cute to boot.

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