Child Skeleton Sweetie Maxi Dress

Your kiddo has never been one to shy away from the scary—ghost stories, haunted houses, vampires, mummies, tarantulas, math class, you name it; if it’s scary, she’s embraced it. She was never even afraid of the dark—even as an infant!

What a brave little lady you’ve got on your hands.You don’t even have to question, then, whether or not she’d like to make a fright on Halloween night.

Just get her this Child Skeleton Sweetie Maxi Dress—because not only is it super spooky, but it also glows in the dark! She’ll love the eerie glow of bones against the dark night, while you’ll adore how easily she can be seen as the sun goes down on her night of trick-and-treating.

This outfit is the perfect look for a skeleton ball or for a trip to the mall, assuming that you generally shop at the kind of malls that are suitable for ghosts and goblins and the like. While you’re at the mall, pick up some ghastly makeup to really amp up the fright factor of your little gal’s look.

She’ll thank you for it by not sneaking up behind you in the dark bathroom mirror.Now, she’s ready to lurk through dark halls without a care at all—everyone will still be able to see how terrifyingly terrific she’s dressed in this long-sleeved pullover maxi.

The printed fluorescent skeleton activates in bright light, so make sure she is ready to go before the big event, or heads may roll. Whatever her holiday plans, encourage her to make a scaretastic impression—one that would make even her scream—with this costume dress!

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