Child Shark Costume

Child Shark Costume

Have you noticed how everyone seems to love sharks, but whenever they actually go to the ocean, all they do is try to stay far away from them? It seems pretty silly to us, because sharks look so cuddly and fun, but at least your little one can dress up in our exclusive Shark Costume, and have some fishy fun of their own!

Why wouldn't someone take the opportunity to play with a shark if they had the chance? We just don't get it!

What's that? Wait a second, those are sharks?


Uh oh, apparently we had it wrong this whole time, and have possibly confused sharks with manatees, but in our defense they look very similar. Except for manatees having big rounded snouts, thick rounded fins, and generally looking like huge lazy basset hounds that live in the water, they look exactly like sharks, don't they?

! Okay fine, maybe sharks, with their pointy noses, sharp fins, and rows of jagged teeth, are a little easier to distinguish from other sea creatures than we thought.

It makes a little bit more sense now why swimmers don't try to play with sharks more often, but luckily our costume will still make your kid look like a fun shark to hang out with! They just need to swim on into this one-piece jumpsuit, which has flipper-like mitts, shoe covers, and a big tail attached to it, and then pop up the tooth-lined hood to complete this fishy look.

People may not want to play with actual ocean predators, but everyone is sure to love this cute little shark!

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